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Today's enterprise and mid-sized businesses need to go beyond operational excellence. Along with delivering superior products and services at lower costs, IT decision makers now share the responsibility of driving better business results. But without the right set of solutions and expertise, even the most sophisticated technology won’t help you achieve your business goals faster—this takes experience and know-how.

Triforce can help by providing a complete selection of service offerings that complement our extensive portfolio of hardware and software solutions.

Our Approach:

If you wish to align your IT closer to your business, Triforce can help you by:

  • Shifting organisational focus from maintenance and support to strategic initiatives, such as product and service innovation, or developing new market opportunities.
  • Deploying and utilizing IT assets more efficiently - allowing customers to refocus internal IT resources on priorities
  • Optimizing energy and facility use in your data centre
  • Reducing time to market
  • Improving compliance

When you're able to shift to more strategic initiatives, your IT can help increase customer satisfaction, capture more market share and accelerate the journey to better business results.

Our Services:

  • Infrastructure Technology and Application Implementation
  • Technology Maintenance Services
  • SAN and Data Management Integration Services
  • Disaster Recovery Systems Implementation
  • Virtualisation and Technology Consolidation Services
  • Datacentre Facilities Infrastructure Implementation and Relocation
  • Application Migration Services
  • PC Life Cycle Services
  • Big Data Integration Services