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We know it's a minefield of information out there, so that's why we have handpicked some useful Big Data videos, whitepapers and case studies for you.


  • Getting started with Hadoop using Cloudera
    Get started with Hadoop using Cloudera Enterprise Part 1 - Watch Video

    Learn how Cloudera Enterprise helps you to efficiently store all of your data, avoiding archiving and data loss, and provides the opportunity to gain detailed insights into aspects of your business never before possible.

  • Get started with Hadoop using Cloudera part 2
    Get started with Hadoop using Cloudera Enterprise Part 2 - Watch Video

    Watch this video animation to learn why and how to get started with Hadoop using Cloudera Enterprise.

  • Cloudera overview
    Cloudera Overview video - Watch Video

    Cloudera leverages Apache Hadoop to enhance big data storage and processing technologies originally developed by the world's biggest Web companies.

  • Big Data 101 Intel
    Big Data 101: How Big Data Makes Big Impacts - Watch Video

    Intel Introduces big data, what it is, why you should care, and how companies can take advantage to uncover insight and big competitive impact.

  • Hadoop Vs EDWs
    Hadoop vs EDWs: Trends in Enterprise Adoption - Watch Video

    Watch representatives of GigaOM, Cloudera, Nokia, WinterCorp, and The Cloud of Data discuss Hadoop's role with respect to the data warehouse and economic considerations for Hadoop.

  • Netapp big data story
    The NetApp Big Data Story - Watch Video

    Overview of solutions for Big Data by NetApp.


  • Intel Peer Research
    Intel Peer Research: Big Data - View Document

    The results of a survey of 200 IT managers provide insights into how organizations are using big data analytics today, including what organizations need to move forward and what the research means for the IT industry.

  • Intel planning for Hadoop
    Intel Planning Guide for Hadoop - View Document

    Getting started with Hadoop for your big data analytics projects can be intimidating. This practical guide for IT managers can help you plan and implement big data analytics projects.

  • Intel big data 101
    Intel Big Data - 101 Brief - View Document
  • Netapp open solution for Hadoop
    Netapp Open Solution for Hadoop - View Document

    Netapp's approach to Hadoop deployment.

  • Apache Hadoop
    How to live with the elephant in the Server Room - Apache Hadoop - View Presentation

    A Triforce Presentation.

Case Studies

  • Netapp big data case study
    NetApp Improves Customer Support by Deploying Cloudera Enterprise - View Case Study

    NetApp creates storage systems and software that help customers around the world store, manage, protect, and retain one of their most precious assets: data.

  • Experian big data case study
    Experian: Transforming the Marketing Landscape with Cloudera - View Case Study

    Experian Marketing Services (EMS) helps marketers connect with customers through relevant communications across a variety of channels, driven by advanced analytics on an extensive database of geographic, demographic, and lifestyle data.

  • machine generated data
    Machine-Generated Data: Creating New Opportunities for Utilities, Mobile and Broadcast Networks - View Case Study

    Electronic devices generate data every millisecond they are in operation. This data is vast, complex and contains a wealth of useful information.