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Challenges Facing CIO's - Event

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Triforce invites you to be our guest at an informal luncheon to hear from Mr Brett Winn CIO Medibank, and Allianz Insurance CIO Mr Steve Coles, about their own insights and challenges. Emilie Ditton, Head of Vertical Markets, IDC Asia Pacific will address topics such as Australian CIO’s priorities and challenges and the 3rd Platform. Tony Eastley, one of the ABC’s most experienced television and radio presenters will MC the event and facilitate an interactive Q&A with the audience and keynote speakers, this is a unique opportunity not to be missed.

Why attend:

  • Problem Solving, the Triforce CIO event aims at providing perspectives and analysis from top IT leaders and industry experts to enhance CIOs strategies, to help identify and solve key problems.
  • Networking, the event will provide an opportunity to meet CIO’s from some of Australia’s top 200 Companies and global subsidiaries.
  • Knowledge Sharing, a range of opinions and strategic thinking will be shared by some of Australia’s most well respected companies.

Where: Members Pavilion Dining Room, Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG)

Date: Wednesday, 17th September 2014

Time: 11.45am Registration and Networking

Speaker: 12.15pm

On conclusion of the event we would like to invite you to take a complimentary tour of the SCG with cricketing identity Daniel Smith.

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It is with great excitement we are announcing that Lenovo has contracted Triforce Australia Pty Ltd as one of its Enterprise Government Solutions Providers. We are now 1 of only 8 resellers in NSW to be eligible to supply to you on the NSW 888 contract.

Triforce is a Lenovo Gold partner and is an experienced and trusted IT supplier to local government.

Triforce prides itself on its ability to deliver innovative technology solutions and being on the cutting edge of technology which aligns with Lenovo’s vision is to create personal devices and solutions which make people more inspired to develop, own and do more.

Triforce can provide seamless distribution of technology via committed stock holding, factory integration and bulk imaging capability as well as maintenance. 

For more information contact our Government Account Manager David Mair on 1300 664 637  

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Big Data: More Than Analytics

Monday, October 21, 2013

The most valuable asset that a commercial bank has is its customer data. This resource, when leveraged correctly, provides the bank with the ability to engage with its customers and personalise their banking experience in a hugely compelling way.

With customers increasingly engaging with banks across multiple touch points, they will immediately recognise if there is a change in the quality of their personalised experience across each touch point. It’s here, too, that big data plays a crucial role, in ensuring and consistency in the services being delivered.

Yet, despite the value that big data offers, it’s still a project that many banks have put on the back burner. In fact, according to Gartner statistics, just 34 per cent of banks have invested in big data. In a small market like Australia, the ability to utilise data as a competitive advantage will raise the barrier for the relatively minimal number of competitors to gain access to that customer. So now is the logical best time to start making big data investments.

This goes well beyond analytics. Big data analytics is what many organisations will be pushing to market, and it’s a good conversation to have, because the insights gained though analytics is immensely valuable to a bank. But analytics do not directly add value to the external customer. While it is important to leverage the data collected on customers for analytics purposes, analytics in itself isn’t going to provide the kind of consistently personalised service that customers will appreciate.

After all, the typical customer is not going to feel comfortable with their bank collecting information on them if they don’t see a direct benefit of it to their own engagement with the bank.

Customers can (and will) get annoyed with their bank when their credit card is mistakenly restricted for suspect transactions that should never have been suspect. They will be even more annoyed when, after ringing the support line, they are subsequently bounced back and forth between operators for support over different issues. An effective big data implementation can minimise these frustrations, leading to happier customers that are serviced on a more efficient basis, while at the same time catching out genuine cases of suspect transactions.

There is a great opportunity for financial services organisations to better optimise their technology stack for analytics. The current implementations of Hadoop in banks can be improved and enriched. Facebook announced in late 2012 that it was adding around a half Petabyte (PB) per day into its Hadoop warehouses. Banks need to be doing the same, because when it boils down to it, both Facebook and commercial banks share something in common; their business models are built around customer data.

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The EVA P6000 systems will no longer be orderable after January 31, 2014.
Customers who have purchased EVA P6350 and P6550 storage systems will be
supported until January 31, 2019, 5 years after the obsolescence date, and may
purchase additional hardware and software upgrades until January 31, 2017.
HP remains committed to providing EVA P6000 customers with long term
investment protection. HP will continue to qualify new disk drives for EVA P6000
Storage to ensure that add-on disk drives, disk drive enclosures, and software are
available for future expansion for three years after EVA’s last sales date. In the past
month, HP introduced a new 4TB SAS drive for EVA P6000 Storage for increased
application consolidation and in the near future will add VAAI UNMAP support for
better integration with VMware.
HP will continue to qualify new revisions of major new operating system (Windows,
VMware, Linux, and HP-UX) until January 31, 2015 to ensure HP EVA Storage will run
in your environment.

Customers with EVA systems older than the P6350 and P6550 are strongly
recommended to migrate to the new HP 3PAR StoreServ 7000 Storage. Contact us today to find out which solutions would suit your organisation.

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We have always strived to provide our customers with innovative technology solutions and we continue to be at the forefront of cutting edge technology.  

Triforce is the first HP partner to purchase its new Moonshot server, and we will be holding Showcase events in September in both Sydney & Melbourne so our valued customers can be the some of the first to learn about this game changing technology.  

The HP Moonshot System is like nothing else that exists today. It’s a huge leap forward in infrastructure design that addresses the speed, scale, and specialization needed for a "New Style of IT." 
  • Up to 89% less energy*
  • Up to 80% less space*
  • Up to 77% less cost*
  • Up to 97% less complex*
*compared to traditional servers

On 29th August Triforce held a luncheon for customers showcasing the HP Moonshot. If you would like a copy of the Presentation, please request below. 

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Triforce have received the first HP Moonshot Server in Australia to be used in our customer demonstration lab!

Triforce leads the way with implementing innovative solutions in Australia and the HP Moonshot server is another example of this.

The Moonshot server is like nothing that exists in Australia today and you can see it yourself by attending our upcoming Moonshot Showcase event. If you would like to learn more, check out the range of videos, whitepapers and customer testimonials in our Moonshot Resources centre  or call us today to make an appointment.

It’s a huge leap forward in infrastructure design that addresses the speed, scale, and specialization needed for a "New Style of IT." 
  • Up to 89% less energy*
  • Up to 80% less space*
  • Up to 77% less cost*
  • Up to 97% less complex*
*Compared to traditional servers.

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