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With technology moving at an incredible pace and evolving from a supporting role to a strategic tool of trade, more and more businesses are looking to external professionals to take ownership of their technology needs in order to remain competitive. At Triforce, we offer a range of managed services designed to improve your operational efficiencies, whilst increasing service levels, enabling your business to make the most of Information Technology in an increasingly competitive market space.

Triforce’s attitude of partnering with each client to establish mutually beneficial outcomes is central to our offerings and we understand the constant pressures placed on internal IT divisions to meet the ever increasing demands of the business. Triforce offers traditional outsource style engagements, as well as a range of truly tailored solutions that allow you to focus on core business objectives. Our solutions are cost effective and Triforce’s transition methodology ensures minimal impact on your business for both identification of services to be outsourced and transition of those services to us.

Understanding the true total cost of ownership can be difficult, so Triforce undertake a range of low impact, low cost assessment methods and coupled with Triforce’s extensive experience, we work with your business to identify processes, systems, tasks, people etc. that can be selected and packaged into a suitable solution that aligns with key business objectives, gains economies of scale, and provides access to known and trusted best practice measures.

Our Services

  • Infrastructure Systems and Application Management
  • ServiceDesk and End User Support Service
  • 24x7 Infrastructure Monitoring - Private and Public Systems
  • Compute and Application Outsourcing - Cloud
  • Expertise on Demand

The Benefits

  • Immediate alignment of information technology spend to core business activities
  • Immediate return on investment
  • Allows clients to focus on core strengths and maintain competitiveness
  • Access to and reduced implementation time for technology advances
  • Reduced risk for your business
  • Known IT costs – financial management
  • Accurate measurement of IT services
  • Immediate access to known and proven knowledge base and professionals
  • Quality assurance
  • Project delivery assurance
  • Increased service levels