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Cloud, Mobility, Security, and Big Data are transforming what the business expects from IT resulting in a “New Style of IT.” The result of alternative thinking from a proven industry leader, HP Moonshot is the world’s first software defined web server that will accelerate innovation while delivering breakthrough efficiency and scale. 

Triforce is a leader in providing innovative solutions to large enterprise customers and now have the HP Moonshot Server in stock and available for demonstration in our lab. Learn more about Moonshot below with a range of videos, whitepapers, datasheets and customer testimonials. Contact us today to arrange a demonstration.

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  • Hp Moonshot overview video
    HP Moonshot - A New Style of IT - Watch Video

    Learn how HP's disruptive technology addresses the speed, scale and specialization required for the new style of IT .

  • introduction to HP moonshot
    Introduction to HP Moonshot - Watch Video

    See How HP is defining disruption with the Introduction of HP Moonshot

  • HP Moonshot is hot pluggable
    HP Moonshot is Hot Pluggable - Watch Video

    "Show me around the HP Moonshot System!"  Vicki shows us just how simple and intuitive it is to remove components in the HP Moonshot System. This video explains how HP's hot pluggable technology works with the HP Moonshot System.

  • HP Pathfinder ecosystem
    HP Pathfinder Ecosystem - Watch Video

    Learn how HP and multiple partners worked together to create the Moonshot System. 

  • Intel HP Moonshot
    What is Intel Saying about HP Moonshot - Watch Video

    Intel discusses HP's Project Moonshot and the cost, space, and efficiency innovations being enabled through the Pathfinder Innovation Ecosystem

  • HP Moonshot system tour
    HP Moonshot System Tour - Watch Video

    Kelly takes you on a private tour of the HP Moonshot System and introduces the foundational HW components of HP Project Moonshot. This video guides you around the entire system highlighting the cartridges and switches.

Whitepapers/Data Sheet

  • An accelerator for hyperscale workloads
    An Accelerator For Hyperscale Workloads - View Document

    Hyperscale data center customers have specialized workloads, and they are asking for specialized architectures and equipment to accelerate those workloads, with the goal of increasing data center density while decreasing power consumption and other costs.

  • Configuration & Compatibility Guide
    Configuration & Compatibility Guide - View Document

    This guide describes HP Moonshot hardware configuration options and hardware and software compatibility rules.

  • HP moonshot data sheet
    Technical Whitepaper - HP Moonshot worlds first server defined server - View Document

    The Worlds First Software Defined Server

  • HP moonshot data sheet
    HP Moonshot Data Sheet - View Document

    The Worlds First Software Defined Server

  • HP moonshot data sheet
    Moonsot Solutions Whitepaper - View Document

    The Worlds First Software Defined Server

  • HP moonshot data sheet
    Technical Whitepaper - HP Moonshot - New Style of IT - View Document

    The Worlds First Software Defined Server

Case Studies / Customer Endorsements

  • Savvis thinks about HP Moonshot
    Find out what Savvis think about HP Moonshot - Watch Video

    Savvis is a industry leader in Enterprise Cloud Computing, Colocation, Managed Hosting, and Professional Cloud Services.