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Triforce has a longstanding & established relationship with Dell Technologies, ensuring access to key resources, releases, and specialists for our customers.

Triforce is a Dell Technologies Titanium Partner

Dell Technologies products and solutions are available across most Triforce solutions and services. Being a Titanium Partner means that Triforce is a trusted advisor, capable of delivering world-class IT solutions. 

As a Dell Technologies Titanium Partner, the Triforce team is required to maintain an advanced product knowledge, technical certification, and integration understanding. Triforce customers benefit from knowing that their provider is at the forefront of the Dell Technologies portfolio.

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Building solutions on partner foundations

Triforce works with Dell Technologies across a wide range of services, solutions, and products. The relationship is strengthened by a mutual goal of empowering customers through technology. One example of this is the creation of Triforce Cloud (formerly DataKnox), a solution powered by the Dell Technologies wide-ranging ecosystem of infrastructure products and solutions. 


early days

Triforce began working with both Dell Technologies and EMC, independently in 2014. At the time, the Dell Technologies partnership focused on PC & Server customers whilst the EMC partnership centred on storage. Both partnerships were quickly cemented as effective and supportive relationships. However, in 2016, in the wake of the Dell Technologies & EMC merger, the partnership rapidly gained more momentum. 


A greater
to explore

The Dell Technologies & EMC merger consolidated the separate partnerships into one singular relationship with Triforce. For Triforce, this presented a greater opportunity to explore fresh solutions and capabilities within a singular ecosystem. At the same time, Triforce was facing increasing customer demand for custom storage and Cloud solutions. The expansive Dell Technologies infrastructure portfolio became an asset to the Triforce team. 



As the Triforce team began to configure critical infrastructure and storage solutions for customers, they began to leverage more of Dell Technologies’ capabilities. One project began with the purchase of a single array, before another larger project had need of Dell Technologies Compute and Storage. As the Triforce team began to delve further into the Dell Technologies offering, they quickly saw the benefits of working within a single ecosystem and accessing compatible hardware, infrastructure, and storage. 



In 2017, Triforce established DataKnox. A new networking and infrastructure platform created specifically to address the varied and changing needs of medium to large scale enterprise organisations. DataKnox Cloud was built on Dell Technologies infrastructure, leveraging compatible VMWare technology, along with other tier one vendors including Cisco. DataKnox Cloud quickly established itself in the private Cloud market as a go-to option for customers with unique requirements. As DataKnox grew in popularity, each bespoke customer requirement presented an opportunity to identify new, efficient, and smarter ways of working. 


Triforce Cloud

 By 2022, the DataKnox platform had attracted more than 100 enterprise customers. To better align with the broader business, DataKnox rebranded to become Triforce Cloud. The services and solutions offered on Triforce Cloud have matured and evolved, however they remain underpinned by the Dell Technologies ecosystem. To further cement the partnership, Triforce and Dell Technologies have co-invested in the training of Triforce engineers to ensure they remain at the fore front of Dell’s innovative and ever-expanding portfolio. Today, Triforce Cloud continues to deliver customised Cloud solutions, adapting to customer requirements to ensure a secure, redundant, sovereign, and above all fit-for-purpose solution. 

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