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Triforce deploy scalable storage solutions for Medibank Health Solutions

Triforce deploy scalable storage solutions for Medibank Health Solutions

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Medibank Health Solutions (MHS) provide 24 x 7 telephone and web based healthcare service solutions and walk in wellness clinics to government organisations and businesses across ANZ. They also develop and support programs to help doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals assess and direct patients to ensure they make informed healthcare decisions and receive the correct level of care. They have more than 4 million healthcare interactions per year.

The Challenge:

MHS were experiencing significant growth in the number of staff working on the network and remotely, which took a toll on the companies infrastructure, especially network storage.

They required a flexible, scalable storage solution to meet the performance demands of a rapidly growing business .

The Solution

Triforce, together with HP, deployed a robust storage environment and energy efficient server infrastructure using pre-integrated 3PAR utility storage, BladeSystems servers and Virtual Connect technology.

The Business Benefits

  • Reduce storage capacity requirements by 80 percent with HP 3PAR Thin Conversion migration from MHS' legacy storage solution, achieving a greater return on investment by reducing management and overhead costs
  • Improve productivity with 99.999 percent uptime, providing 2,500 employees, the remote workforce and customers reliable access to healthcare services and programs
  • Ensure rapid disaster recovery by installing one of the HP 3PAR T400 Storage systems at a separate location, and including HP 3PAR Remote Copy Software on both systems to share data from any application simply, efficiently and affordably
  • Perform quick, proactive maintenance of IT systems to ensure consistent network uptime and 24/7 service supporting more than 3 million healthcare interactions a year

“We now have the scalability and flexibility that we need as a firm as we grow over the next 3-5 years, and we believe the HP 3PAR storage has given that to us” Charles Gonzalez