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Triforce helps Interpublic Group gain peace of mind with HP StoreOnce

Triforce helps Interpublic Group gain peace of mind with HP StoreOnce

Monday, July 01, 2013

The diversified communications firm is using-disk based storage from HP to both ensure that backups are readily available when needed.

With offices in over 100 countries and more than 40,000 employees, Interpublic Group is a premier provider of advertising and marketing services, with capabilities in fields ranging from public relations and consumer advertising to mobile and search engine marketing. The Australian operation of Interpublic Group encompasses multiple divisions which providing a wide range of marketing and advertising services, operating from offices in six cities, and its various businesses are grouped into eight operating units.

The Challenge

Like many media-related businesses, Interpublic Group’s increasing reliance on digital technology to service its customers has led to a greater requirement for reliable and fast backup and recovery solutions. But the distributed nature of the business means that not all of Interpublic Group’s offices are permanently staffed with IT support personnel.

For a long time Interpublic Group had relied on tape-based technology to provide its backup and recovery needs. But the company’s distributed nature meant this was proving both expensive to manage and difficult to maintain, particularly regarding the provisioning of tapes to each site.

“Traditionally tape is slow to restore from, and quite expensive, as you are constantly having to purchase new tapes,” says Dean Hislop, Infrastructure Manager at Interpublic Group Australia.  There were also concerns as to how reliable the process would be should data recovery become necessary.

So in 2011 the company conducted a review of its backup needs, and measured the cost effectiveness of various media options. 

With the Interpublic Group becoming increasingly dependent on reliable IT systems to meet the deadline-driven needs of clients, the need to recover quickly from any potential data loss was growing in importance. Hence the need for a reliable and rapid recovery solution began to override perceived cost issues.

At the suggestion of Interpublic Group’s long-term technology supplier Triforce Australia,  Hislop and his team investigated HP StoreOnce Backup Systems, which provide flexible disk-to-disk (D2D) backup with HP StoreOnce de-duplication.

Hislop says Interpublic Group has enjoyed a long term working relationship with HP and Triforce Australia (Triforce), an HP partner company, which played an important part in scoping the work, project management and implementation as well as providing after sales support. It has also been a buyer of HP servers for more than five years. 

The Solution

Because of the distributed nature of the organisation it was decided to install D2D4000 series and D2D2500 series devices into each of Interpublic Group’s 13 remote offices, in conjunction with HP partner, Triforce.