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The New era of HP Storage has arrived at Triforce

The New era of HP Storage has arrived at Triforce

Wednesday, May 01, 2013


Every 7-10 years, technology delivery undergoes a tectonic shift; one that opens up new business and access models. A shift that changes the way technology is consumed and the value that it can bring. A change in what is possible. A removal of inhibitors that unleash the power of innovation. Today, mobility, social media, big data, and the advent of cloud computing are representative of such shifts offering a new means for IT to help organizations accelerate progress towards solving their most pressing challenges. These shifts can unleash the power of IT to not only support but help shape your business.

HP, launched their new Storage Platform and range of products in December 2012. Steve Kelly, South Pacific HP Storage GM joined Willie Lusted, Triforce Storage Specialist for a luncheon to deliver the features & business benefits of the range including StoreServ, StoreOnce, StoreVirtual and more to our customers...

  • Seamless delivery of IT Services - Primary storage to support all applications and data types across physical, virtual, and cloud.
  • Reduction in cost & business risk exposure - Information protection via disk with deduplication for efficient and high speed backup/recovery
  • More value from information - Information retention and analytics for archival and search within massive ‘big data’ content repositories

For more information on HP's new storage range and a copy of the presentation, please click here